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140925 – Sean’s Opener 605 Squat

Here is Sean’s Opening attempt for the competition coming up

140925 – Sean’s 645 Squat attempt

Sean was prepping for his upcoming powerlifting competition
here is a failed 645lb attempt – he has made this before watch his knees come in a little in the hole.

140924 – Dave – Deadlifts

Deadlifted today.
My shoulder was hurting. I squatted yesterday and haven’t deadlifted in ages so I wanted to just work with a moderately heavy weight but still light
Note I did this last year for 17 reps but didn’t use wrist wraps, I need to toughen up my hands

Dave’s Training 9/15-9/21

Sunday – 2.5 Mile Run
Saturday – Day off
Friday –
DE squats 325 2×2 345 2×2; 365 2×2; 385 2×2
Thursday – Day off
Wednesday – Paleo WOD 2
Tuesday – Day off
Monday – Max Squats

Fit Results Barbell Club

We have been open since 2010.
Specializing in heavy weights. We are about 30minutes North of Boston, in Billerica MA

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