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Squat,deads, bench 12/29/15

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Improve Your Skiing This Winter With These 6 Drills

Now that the snow is about to start falling many of us will be hitting the slopes. If this is your only sport and you have not done much physical activity since last year you will likely find that your feet and lower legs are pretty sore the first few times out!

Skiing is a very physical activity. It requires coordination and harmony particularly among the muscles of the legs and hips. If you are more of a “weekend warrior” you are at greater risk of injury  since skiing requires both mobility and flexibility (both of which will likely be lacking if untrained). The following drills and stretches are aimed at correcting and coordinating the balance of the muscles of the leg and trunk. If done regularly they can prevent injury and even improve you skiing!

Since skiing requires first and foremost adequate length of the gastroc and soleus complex (calves) it should be made a point to begin stretching these daily (twice if you can). Hold each stretch about a minute.

1.) Hamstring stretch with towel- lying on your back and keeping your leg straight wrap a hand towel around your foot and pull up while maintaining full extension. Stop once you feel the stretch and hold.

2.) Seated Glute stretch- Sitting, cross one leg across the other creating a figure 4. Slowly bend at the waist, noting a stretch in your hip and glute. Stop once you feel the stretch and hold.

3.) Double knee to chest- Lying on your back, pull both knees into your chest. Stop once you feel the stretch in your lower back and hold.

Foot Drills:

Perform these drills daily or every workout day. Repeat each drill once for 25m. All should be done barefoot with the exception of walking on the heels which should be performed in shoes.

1.) Walk with feet in Inversion (Inside up)

2.) Walk with feet in Eversion (Outside up)

3.) Walk toes pointed in

4.) Walk with toes out

5.)Walk backwards on toes (Heels up, backwards)

6.) Walk on heels (toes up shoes on)

foot drills


Keep Moving.


Dr. James Ellis

Squats / light bench 2/26/15

Wanted to get some reps in with wraps. Think I’m getting the hang of them

315×3 no belt

335×2 no belt



385 3×3

leg press 4 sets superset with leg extensions


135 3×8 then used shoulder save for another 3×8, man I suck at incline


Death by Volume

Today ends my hypertrophy block, putting me 17 weeks out from the next meet. I spent the last two months above 6 reps each week, surpassing the previous weeks total volume by increasing the weekly working weight by 2.5% and by 1+ set.

402x7x7 on the SSB

Bench 12/23/15



245 3×3


195 2×8

All paused


OHP 95lbs 3×6

Low Cable Row 115 4×12

arms- high rep stuff


Started to false grip on bench and it really helps me being more stable. First bench session in a little bit so I was happy with these numbers.

Deadlifts 12/22/15

Finally started to post, I had some family in town so this session was about 30 mins. Have been have some upper back muscle issue so couldnt pull heavy the past 3 weeks so this wasnt too bad. body weight still around 185



425 for 3 singles with 15-30 second rest between

455×1, Felt pretty good considered havent pulled heavy since my meet.

no accessories

455 wasnt too bad considering its about 85% of my meet max. hoping to get back into the swing of things soon

W1D4 Shoulders

W1D4 shoulders

Swiss overhead 5×10
90×10 110×10 110×10 110×10 120×10 130×10

Incline 135×10 155 4×10

Curls db 35×20 40×20 40×20

Low row cable 160 5×10

Side raise db 20 3×10

W1D3 deadlift

W1D3 deadlifts

315 4×10

Front squats
95×8 145 4×8

Reverse hyper
200 4×10

Ghd sit-ups 4×15

Assault bike 10 minutes 120cals

W1D2 bench press

W1D2 bench

Bench press
185×8 205×8 225×8 245×8

Swiss bar OH press
90×10 110×10 110×10 110×10

15 14 12

Dumbbell rows
75 3×12


4 rounds
30 wall ball
30 weighted abmat sit-ups

W1D1 squats

W1D1 squats

Squats 195×10 215×10 235×10 255×10
Bulgarian squats 2×8 110
Ghr 3×10
Reverse hyper 3×10
Assault bike 10min 104 cals
Overhead press 5×10 100lbs