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Fix Your Posture- Part 1

It’s no secret that many people experience back and neck pain. Though many are looking for an exact cause of their pain or discomfort, it’s often a culmination of events that have allowed dysfunction to build over time in their muscle’s and joints. If you have followed my past post’s you already know that I believe many of us sit too much, too often, which leads to muscle imbalance’s, and ultimately pain! Contrary to belief many people that experience these issues are quite active. Unfortunately, being active cannot counteract the effects of sitting at a desk for 40+ hours a week.. and this doesn’t even include the commute for many of you!

Does this sound like you? Over the course of the next few weeks I am going to be writing about specific exercises that will aid in correcting faulty posture that many of us have acquired due to our lifestyle, so follow along!

How did we get here? Though the advances in technology are great for us as a society they are reeking havoc on our muscles and joints! As a Chiropractic Physician I see even young patients presenting with back and neck pain. The problem lies in the fact that many of us sit all day at work, or school, then sit in our car to commute to work, then go home and sit on our tablet, phone, computer, etc. What we develop is essentially a hunched posture adding pounds to our spine (see below).


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Dr. James Ellis

Death by deadlifts 1/18/16

did a ton of conventional pulls to give hips a break. Body was so sore from these

405 2×8

425 2×4

455 2×2


glute raise BW

low cable row




Getting to the Source of Your Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common complaint in today’s society where many of us spend far too much time sitting in front of the computer, whether it be for work or for pleasure. Many people find themselves experiencing neck pain that seems to come out of nowhere. Statistically, most people cannot recall the exact incident that caused their pain. Many find that certain activities may aggravate their condition and it may even seem to “come and go”, ultimately becoming more frequent over time.

When trying to determine the cause of your pain there is a few questions you can ask yourself before even seeking help from a provider. When did it start? What seems to make it worse? Does the pain travel or is it a local pain? There are a couple different scenarios that are most common in individuals that I will cover.

If the pain is a local type of pain without radiation below the shoulder it is likely a muscle and joint issue. Many people with this issue may report stiffness in the AM and a tired and achy feeling at the end of the day. Typically, a postural exam shows a forward head carriage and rounded shoulders creating an over-all “slumped” posture. The mechanism of injury is a matter of micro-trauma (sitting, bending, lifting). This will create joint dysfunction over-time. When normal joint movement is lost the muscles will become short and tight further restricting movement. This lack of movement eventually creates an inflammatory response resulting in pain. The discs in your spine that act as shock absorbers rely on movement for nutrition since there is no blood supply. Lack of movement leads to disc desiccation or “drying up” which may aggravate arthritic change or even spinal nerves.

Another scenario which typically has more of a memorable onset is nerve involvement due to disc injury. These patients are often between the ages of 20-40 and are typically active (or getting back into being active.) The same posture discussed above may be present creating that “slumped” appearance. Even a small shift in your head position can increase the amount of force directed through your spine putting you at greater risk of injury. The disc may begin to bulge over-time due to the increased pressure through poor posture or trauma and put pressure on one or more of the nerves exiting the spine. This condition is typically noted as producing burning or numbness that will typically travel below the elbow to the hand. Many patients report that it only affects certain fingers, and they can distinctly define the borders of numbness and/or pain. This may lead to permanent motor or sensory loss.

Left untreated, scenario one may progress to a disc/nerve issue described above. Consult your Chiropractic Physician for a postural analysis and a thorough examination to determine the cause of your pain. By freeing up the joints and muscles and correcting poor posture many people find immediate relief and increases in range of motion. Most importantly, you are taking strides towards better health and preventing future problems. Prevention is key!

Keep Moving.

Dr. James Ellis

squats and randomness

body felt beat up today

squats was I worked up to 325 3×3

SSB 155 3×10- no lockout


DB Bench 70s 2×8, 80s 2×6

some arms and other randomness

Bench/SLingshot 1/12/16

Bench – everything is normally paused on working sets


sling shot







TNG Bench 230 4×3

Wide incline with shoulder saver 135 2×8

Arms- CHins Superset with orange band pushdowns

Sumo Pull PR 1-11-16

10 working sets with sumo pulls from about 2 inches




row 4×15


glute raise with KB 4×10

shrugs 4×10

really happy about this training session decided to just keep going up until it felt heavy. On my heavier weights I started to fall forward at lockout.

Squat PR in wraps/bench 1/7/16

squats- no wraps or belt 285×5,325×3,

belt 345×2

wraps 375×3,395×1,415×1,435×1,455×1


bench 205×5,225×6,5,5


need to get used to wrapping still but getting used to them and learned a new technique from rich. Got the wobbles and it through me out of the groove, still powered through it. Really hard to tell depth too.Shooting for 500+ squat in April


455 in wraps. Still chugging #squat #fitresultsbarbellclub #powerlifting

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Bench 1/5/16

Need to get my bench up for my meet in April. I am going to be using wraps for the first time so I can squat 500+. Bench has gone up a little but really need to hit 275-290 in comp. Really want to shoot for 1300 total and only try to get a 5lb PR on pulls so I just focus on squat and bench


All paused

205×5, 225×5, 245×3- warm up sets were super set with face pulls 4×15

TNG 225 6 sets of 4

Wipe Shoulder saver incline 135 2×8


and some random lat raises,shrugs, rear delt, flys


10,000 kettlebell swing challenge

as a start to the new year I have started the 10,000 kettlebell swing challenge 

20 workouts 500 kettlebell swings during each workout along with 25 reps of a main movement worked in. 

This can be done in either 4 week doing 5 workouts each week or 5 weeks doing 4 workouts each week. 

The workouts are set up as follows

5 rounds 

10 reps 1 rep 15 reps 2 reps 25 reps 3 reps 50 reps

As you can see in between each kettlebell set there is one strength movement inbetween each kettlebell set 

This can be either a front squat or overhead press or pull-ups push-ups etc. 

you want to time yourself for the entire workout but it is ok to take short rests inbetween sets as this is a challenge to just finish. 

Try it out! 


Beginning of the Strength Block

Buffalo Bar Squat-Comp Stance 450x4x6 Reps (~75% of wrapless 1RM)

2″ Conventional Block Pull

445x4x6, Hook Gripped (~75%)

Using the Buffalo Bar this block to keep my shoulders tamed before I transition into the Texas Squat Bar.
Strength Block the next 8 weeks. 75-90%, 3-6 Rep/Set.