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Death by deadlifts 1/18/16

did a ton of conventional pulls to give hips a break. Body was so sore from these

405 2×8

425 2×4

455 2×2


glute raise BW

low cable row




squats and randomness

body felt beat up today

squats was I worked up to 325 3×3

SSB 155 3×10- no lockout


DB Bench 70s 2×8, 80s 2×6

some arms and other randomness

Bench/SLingshot 1/12/16

Bench – everything is normally paused on working sets


sling shot







TNG Bench 230 4×3

Wide incline with shoulder saver 135 2×8

Arms- CHins Superset with orange band pushdowns

Sumo Pull PR 1-11-16

10 working sets with sumo pulls from about 2 inches




row 4×15


glute raise with KB 4×10

shrugs 4×10

really happy about this training session decided to just keep going up until it felt heavy. On my heavier weights I started to fall forward at lockout.

Squat PR in wraps/bench 1/7/16

squats- no wraps or belt 285×5,325×3,

belt 345×2

wraps 375×3,395×1,415×1,435×1,455×1


bench 205×5,225×6,5,5


need to get used to wrapping still but getting used to them and learned a new technique from rich. Got the wobbles and it through me out of the groove, still powered through it. Really hard to tell depth too.Shooting for 500+ squat in April


455 in wraps. Still chugging #squat #fitresultsbarbellclub #powerlifting

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Bench 1/5/16

Need to get my bench up for my meet in April. I am going to be using wraps for the first time so I can squat 500+. Bench has gone up a little but really need to hit 275-290 in comp. Really want to shoot for 1300 total and only try to get a 5lb PR on pulls so I just focus on squat and bench


All paused

205×5, 225×5, 245×3- warm up sets were super set with face pulls 4×15

TNG 225 6 sets of 4

Wipe Shoulder saver incline 135 2×8


and some random lat raises,shrugs, rear delt, flys


Volume block deadlift 1/4/15



glute raise with 65lbs 4×12


low cable row 4×15


I was too lazy to pull from the floor and back has been wierd so just did block pulls from about 3 inches off floor I think.

Squat,deads, bench 12/29/15

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Squats / light bench 2/26/15

Wanted to get some reps in with wraps. Think I’m getting the hang of them

315×3 no belt

335×2 no belt



385 3×3

leg press 4 sets superset with leg extensions


135 3×8 then used shoulder save for another 3×8, man I suck at incline


Bench 12/23/15



245 3×3


195 2×8

All paused


OHP 95lbs 3×6

Low Cable Row 115 4×12

arms- high rep stuff


Started to false grip on bench and it really helps me being more stable. First bench session in a little bit so I was happy with these numbers.